After STB Download, TV Volume doesn't work..but works if we switch to antenna or Blueray

Very long time FIOS customer. After STB download in middle of night, the TV remote control volume (came w/TV) and the FIOS Remote (programmed for this TV) both of which have worked for years stopped working. The STB and TV have both be power cycled (unplugged, wait, repower) with no relief. However, if we remote the FIOS STB from the group, the volume control works fine. Very repeatable.

Lastly, IF we use the OEM TV remote and place it into Menu mode (or any mode not TV) the volume control for the TV works. When we return to TV if fails again. 

FYI: We other remotes and TV w/FIOS STB and they all work fine. Seems to be limited to one STB/TV combination.

All connections are HDMI. STB = MOTO QIP 7232 2. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.