All FIOS services down

All my FIOS services went down yesterday. My neighbor two doors down was having the same issue. Called tech support and all they do is have me try a reboor of the ONT. I humored them and tried it. No joy. They wanted to make an appointment to come to my house when the problem is not in the house or the connections at the house. I don't understand whay Verizon can't send some one to look at their lines to see if there is an issue with the pole mounted equipment. They said they can't come until Thursday. Not a happy customer. Man Mad

Re: All FIOS services down
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FiOS is a PON, which means Passive Optical Network.  This means there is no "pole mounted equipment."  It is fiber all the way from the central office to your home.  There is a passive splitter device in PONs, but it is not powered.  It is basically a fiber connection block.

In order for a PON to fail, the fiber would have to be damaged or a connector would have to fall out.  A damaged fiber would affect many people, perhaps the entire neighborhood.  FiOS connectors are very reliable.  It would be very unusual for one to fall out.

When Verizon's remote diagnostics can't find a problem in their equipment, they need to send a technician to work the problem from the premise back.  That tech will work all the way back to the CO to find a problem and will call in additional resources if needed.

Good Luck.