All around poor service

I finally managed to get fios mobile working... After more than a week.  Problem is that as soon as that happened, my cable service went out.  More than 2 days, now.  In November, it'll be 3 years since i could go more than two days without a problem.  I'm sick of talking to their techs and nothing ever gets fixed.  I think i know what the problem is.. one will listen.  Years, ago, Baybanks paid me good money to be their top cummuncation trouble shooter.  I've gone head to head with Special Services, out in the field.  This is all throughout New England.  I did it for 10 years.  How do i get someo.e to listen to me and do something?  I've had my problems escalated many Times,  I've been in touch with the FCC.  They, obviously believed Verizon's verzion over mine.  Help!!!!!  I don't want my yard torn up, again....I used to have grass, there



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Have you reported the problem to Verizon?