Amazon Firestick + Sling TV

I just decreased my Verizon t.v. package and my estimated bill is now higher than the large bill I have been paying (approx. $155 per month for T.V./Internet and a phone number I don't use).  Further, they just shut off HBO and Showtime automatically, even though it seemed as though they would be part of the smaller package.  I'm now thinking if I buy a monthly Sling TV package and HBO Go membership (Showtime I can take or leave), is there anything I need to keep from Verizon, other than my internet package?

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But expect Internet alone to be more expensive than Internet as part of a bundle.

Overall price will be less.

You may find that adding the locals TV could be basically free.

If you have a TV with a QAM tuner, you can pick these channels up without a box.

Might give better reception than using an external antenna.