Amber Alert Volume

I've tried to contact Verizon about this issue, to no avail. As usual, they defer blame elsewhere and forgo any accountability for their equipment. Hee is the problem:

We were watching the US Open golf tournament on Father's day when the programming was interrupted for an Amber Alert. The problem is, the volume for the amber alert was 10 times louder that the volume of the program, which destroyed one of my speakers. When I called Verizon, I was told that they do not control the volume that is broadcast across their system, through their equipment, into my home.

Anyone else experience this? Anyway to hack the box to eliminate the amber alerts all together? 

Re: Amber Alert Volume
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Verizon does not control of the amber alerts. If it destroyed one of your speakers, i would be very surprised. {please keep your posts courteous}
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Re: Amber Alert Volume
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Actually, I wouldn't be surprised that it could destroy a speaker.  Fortunately for me my surround amp shuts down before the speakers are damaged, but it sure scares the heck out of one before that :smileysurprised: