Annoying VOD "feature"

We have an issue with VOD. It's not something that occurs every single time we use VOD, but it happens often enough that it is very annoying. Last night I attempted to call Verizon to let them know that we weren't happy, but after 10 minutes of talking to the automated robot chick and then having her tell me it was a 25 minute wait to speak to an actual living human being (alleged), I gave up and decided to come here.

We fork over roughly $230 a month to enjoy phone, TV, and 20/5 internet. With this comes a media center HDTV DVR and 3 standard boxes. For the most part the service is great excluding the problem we have with VOD.

Occasionally when selecting a program to watch, the program appears to start only the screen goes black. We can FF, PAUSE or REW the black screen but see no actual show. The "fix" that we employ for this "feature" is to unplug the STB basically resetting it because turning it off and on from the remote doesn't accomplish the same task.

If this is a known issue with the network or the STB itself, what is being done to remedy it? If this were a once a month or once a year effort it wouldn't bother me as much, but since it occurs often (nearly every VOD session with the box) it's quite annoying.

Re: Annoying VOD "feature"

This 'FEATURE' sucks! In my experience, I get audio but no video until i hit the stop button, at which point the video flashes briefly before returning to the VOD menu.

The latest annoying feature I've noticed is when selecting VOD content it takes 20-30 seconds for the content to load.

I'm seriously considering going back to Comcast or getting DirecTV. Bottom line, for what I pay for FIOS service, it should work, every time.