Annoying playback issue only with Comedy Central
Enthusiast - Level 2

Been having an INCREDIBLY annoying problem with shows recorded off Comedy Central, in particular in the 10:30 Tuesday time slot.

It used to be just with Brickleberry, but now I'm noticing it with the Anthony Jesselnick Project.

The recorded show, not only while fast forwarding but also during playback will either jump back to an earlier point in the show, or jump ahead skipping a ton of the show, for no reason.

It happened while watching a replay of Tosh.0 tonight just looped back about 3 minutes and replayed. Then while watching Jesselnick after fastforwarding through the second set of commercials the show jumped from around 13 minutes to the 28 minute window. I rewound it to before the commercials, fastforwarded and it jumped again to the same spot....then I rewound it, WATCHED the commercials and it STILL jumped to the 28 minute mark.

What is going on? Is this Verizon, or Comedy Central that is screwing up my recordings and is anyone else having the same problem?