Another Pixelation Issue while using cablecard


Been having issues with pixelation on some HD channels from 504 to 530.

I am using a Ceton InfiTV PCIe 4 card. I have replace splitters at ONT and inside with these splitters:

I have put a LPF on end of card to splitter. Not sure what type of coxial cable using, just using what running from wall and then runs to outside to ONT. Have not replaced the cablecard as of yet. But I do remeber when I initially got everything working/recording for couple of months and then just recently started the pixelation issue.

So, could the cablecard be bad? Possible firmware update by Verizon to card that might be bad? I guess the cheaper soultion should try replace card before buying R6 coxial cable and do another cable run from ONT box.

Cablecard users please provide your feedback please.

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