Another change... and this one might be that final push needed.


I have had  Verizon FIOS since it was first made avaialble to me. I have always had the ultimate HD Package along with the movie package that containend Showtime, Epics,TMC, and Cinemax. 

I suffer through most of it, the dropping channels that I like because Verizon feels they are too pricey for them to make profit on. The silly charges, that 'new low price' that doesn't include all the extra little things like a set top box, etc. But this latest is really testing my patience... 

I have always been able to access the on demand for these channels, without charge. Last weekend, we noticed we had Starz, we thought was a free weekend so watched the daylights out of it. On Monday I went to see what was on cinemax and much to my surprise, we no longer had it as part of our package. 

We did still have Starz, as I started to browse what was on, I saw a title I have been wanting to watch and I tuned to the channel, knowing that I would be offered the 'start from beginning' prompt and was, the only problem is, that it tells me that I must subscribe to the service. 

Not wanting to get a 'special fee' tacked onto my bill next month, I refrained from hitting 'subscribe'. I went online and looked at my account, it clearly shows that I now have Starz in my line up, and if I want it, I can subscribe to Cinemax and HBO. 

I started a chat, explained first to what I assume was a 'robot'. Then all over again (including my name and home phone) to the second agent, who then said she was going to send me to a third agent, that one took so log 'checking' the previous chats that my session timed out....

I copied the text from the first chat window and initiated a second. I pasted the details to the agent. She/he told me that if I wanted to on demand content from Starz, I need to subscribe to the on demand content. 

I don't have to do anything special to watch showtime-EPIC-TMC on demand content, I checked to ensure my sanity. Why is it that I have to pay for the On Demand for Starz/Encore?? Can someone explain that to me? 

If there is a major change like that, then perhaps it is time to move to streaming services, already have NETFLIX and Amazon Prime. My home is situated for great over the air reception for the major networks. And who really uses their land line anymore?

But, is this something that is going to be forever? is this the new way Verizon is going to running my account going forward? I certainly hope not... 

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