Are you obsessed with video? If so, I want to hear your story.
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As a storyteller, I'm always on the hunt for people who have a compelling story to tell. During the course of the year, I talk to hundreds of reporters and bloggers who are looking for folks who are passionate about technology. In this case, the technology is video.

Do you put your DVR to the test by recording so many programs and events that your DRV is bursting at the seams?

Do you push off projects at home, or other things, just so you can watch certain types of programs lives?

If you're dating or married, do some of your "date nights" revolve around watching TV?

Do you find yourself on the front line of early adopters and enjoy watching video content on one of various digital, mobile devices you've acquired be it a table, smartphone, laptop, computer or gaming console?

If you could watch TV using a new-fangled device that would allow you to project a clear image onto any surface anywhere you were located, would you?

Have you found people in your life consider their mobile digital device "THEIR TV" and no one else in the room can watch video from that device, in contrast to the shared aspect of today's traditional TV sets?

If you just dig watching video and enjoy chatting about all the various aspects of video, I'd love to hear your story. For all I know you're just the person a reporter or blogger is looking to profile as part of a story about how technology influences people across all life stages.