Aspect ratio and menu resolution issues
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I've just come across an issue with resolution and picture aspect.  I've maneged to kick all of my STBs except 1 into this **bleep**ty behavior.  It started when I just hooked up our main living room set to the box after moving.  No matter what I did the picture was being displayed as a 16:9 letterboxed 4:3.  Meaning, the 16:9 HD picture is being displayed in a 4:3 box with black bars top and bottom, and then that 4:3 has grey bars on both sides. I've tried all varieties of output resolution on the STB and picture size on the TV to no avail.  Finally after swapping through settings for 30min it came back to displaying 16:9 HD as full screen.  But now the remaining issue is that all menu screens are sort of fuzzy resolution.  I went to check one of my other sets to make sure this wasn't normal and the menu screens are very sharp.  Unfortunately I checked the resolution output and played with it just to see what happens and kicked this STB into the same fuzzy menu behavior and an odd new display - it is stretching AND letterboxing 16:9. So the aspect of the picture is something like 22:9 with black bars top and bottom.  No matter what I do I can't fix it.  The one remaining STB that I haven't dared to tinker with is the media server because the menu is crystal clear anddf the picture display is correct.

I haven't called tech support yet but did use the troubleshooting tools to reset the box to no avail.

Re: Aspect ratio and menu resolution issues
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I think you answered your own questions.  You set some setting that caused this behavior, and your repeating it on the other STB. 

Make sure your TV is set to 16x9, the resolution is correct (720 or 1080), and you're connecting via HDMI or component.  You could try a full reset of the STBs too.

Re: Aspect ratio and menu resolution issues
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Go to Menu => Settings=> Audio & Video=> Video Settings

Video Format should be 1080i 16:9

SD Override set to stretch

TV Type 16:9

Graphics Settings set to HD

Video Sharpness set to default or higher depending on your preference

Once that is complete you might still need to adjust your TVs settings.