Attn: FiOS Advanced Technical Team - STB Reset Ever 12 hours
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There is a known issue with IMG release 1.7. A small amount of people that have QIP2500-3 STBs are losing connectivity with the outside world, WAN, however the box remains connected to the internal network.

Please forward to FiOS Advanced Technical Team - Tier II - Software Dev, et al:

Bug issue with IMG 1.7 on limited number of QIP2500-3 STBs. 

1. After 12 hours the box will lose all connectivity with the WAN

2. Other boxes, such as DVR 6416 will remain connected, no problems.

3. QIP2500-3 still has access to internal LAN - can access MR DVR and IP is renewed within the router

4. Customers will notice the problem after 12 hours if they try to access any EXTERNAL resources such as VOD, Widgets, etc. Others will notice when the guide data runs out.

5. Box respond to ping, health check and can be reset remotely.

6. Issue perhaps is related to a production run bug

7. Customers reporting the issue use Actiontec routers, some use DLINK - likely not related at all to router since all connectivity to STB and LAN is up - IPs are also issued new leases. Again, ONLY EXTERNAL connectivity is lost after 12 hours.

8. Please, advise customer care, this is not related to splitters or other typical flow chart trouble shooting. A service call to the CP is a waste of time and money. The STBs, have an issue. Issue started immediately after IMG 1.7 release.

9. Investigate, find a relation to the serial numbers being reported by customers. Were the STBs made at the same time? Do they share same hardware revisions? What do all customers reporting this issue share in common?

10. Extensive notes and shared experiences by customers having this issue have been documented at DSL Reports, see this thread:

Re: Attn: FiOS Advanced Technical Team - STB Reset Ever 12 hours
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For the most part it doesnt do any good to post this type of thing here. Not if your trying to get Verizons attention. This is a user to user board. While a few Verizon employees do visit and try to help on occasion, its not a Verizon monitored location.

Re: Attn: FiOS Advanced Technical Team - STB Reset Ever 12 hours
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Perhaps, however, let's be a bit optimistic that one of the "VZ_xyz" customer care people that frequent this board will take the initiative to get this issue distributed to the proper channels.

This issue is costing VZ money, wasted technical calls, wasted CP rollouts, wasted time and potential of non-tech savvy customers to think FiOS does not work and cancel service.

The last option, if VZ customer service reps do not get this issue escalated, will be to contact retentions and/or Mr. Seidenberg's office and bring the issue to the attention of his staff for proper resolution.

To date this issue has been pushed under the rug as VZ CS has no information on the bug, it is likely the software team is in the dark as customer care is not pushing the issue since they believe the issue instead wiring faults or customer is technically **bleep**.