Audio Problems with some HD channels (HBO mostly)

I'm experiencing sporadic audio problems with a handful of HD channels.  Most noticably on HBO.

When the audio is output through the television itself, it sounds OK... however if the audio is output through my home theater receiver and speakers, I can hear a lot of static and "crackling" on certain movies and shows.

The issue isn't the home theater setup, as I have several other components that use it (AppleTV, Bluray, Xbox, etc.) and the audio sounds perfect from them.

The only device that displays that poor audio is the FiOS Set Top Box and even then it's only on a few channels.

I thought maybe that the optical audio cable between the set top box and the receiver may have been bad, so I replaced that.  Same problem even with the new cable.

The problem is either with the Set Top Box itself or the audio levels on the stream from the channel provider.

Has anyone experienced anything similar to this, and if so... did you resolve it somehow?

Any help you could provide would be most appreciated.


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