Awful New DVR recording guide

Shocked at the almost unreadable and unusable new on-screen set up to record a program on Quantum service, probably the rest as well.  The print was so tiny on my fairly wide-screen TV that it was virtually unreadable.  Then there were the annoying pictures advertising shows I've never cared to watch and never will, as if Verizon thinks we'll click them to record them?  No matter what, the alphabet section where you spell out the program you want has been so reduced in size overall it's a pain to try to do.  Likewise, it brings up past seasons of the show you want to watch vs the new season, making the latter hard to find--again with the miniscule letters all but impossible to read. 

I was able to get a support rep on the phone.  She miraculously was able to reboot the Quantum box, and increase the size of some of the print on the screen for this procedure, but not all.  The results when you've "found" the program if you can --as a list--is still presented in tiny type.  And mixed with old reruns when the newest season should be first.  Verizon has just made recording much more complicated and annoying.  Since I prefer to record most of the programs I like for watching at a time convenient for me, this is a serious problem.

Verizon, in my experience, often does counter-productive changes that put the subscribers through more trouble than before.  Frustrating and Unnecessary

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You are only talking to peers here.  NOT VERIZON>

What release of the IMG are you on.  APR-1.0 or APR-2.0. 

Note when for a recording on the record guide, at least on APR-1.0, you see the program you were watching not ads(okay ads if thats what currently on that channel).  Its different on the on-demand screen, which pushes various PPV.  Nothing mentioned at other sites that I've seen about APR-2.0 changing things as you say.

You may want to review your settings for your STB.