BBCA-HD launch?
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BBCA-HD launches on July 20th. With a Torchwood miniseries in HD and Dr. Who in HD that week too for the first time.

Does FIOS plan on offeirng this channel when it launches or will I need to look elswhere to be able to watch these shows in HD that week?

It would be nice to know soon if FIOS plans on having on launch day so if they aren't I will have time to make arrangements to watch it elsewhere in HD.

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Re: BBCA-HD launch?
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I'm with you Aaron, got my fingers crossed Verizon does add it when they launch BBCA-HD!!! Top Gear in HD Smiley Very Happy

(and before somebody inevitably tries to rain on the parade by saying gee, they probably don't won’t have a lot of HD content when they launch, even SD  programming is better quality when broadcasted in HD) Smiley Wink
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