Bad Pay-Per-View

Dear Verizon FiOS,

I paid $70 for the Canelo fight months ago. You've now sent your debt collectors because of my refusal to pay. I spent the entire fight on the phone and in the chat trying to get it to work. In the weeks following, I spent hours holding then explains to your representatives the situation and my unwillingness to pay for it. My experience led me to rip out your service entirely. You've now sent your debt collectors. I'm not going to pay for it and I'm also not going to sit on hold for an hour to justify myself. 

Thank you,


Re: Bad Pay-Per-View
Moderator Emeritus

As this is a peer to peer support forum, you will need to contact Verizon directly for assistance. We have sent you a private message with contact information for a dedicated specialist who is able to help with a resolution of your issue.