Billing Error? $99 Fee for "Fios TV equipment purchased" when no equipment was purchased

A few weeks ago I had an issue with my cable boxes not receiving a data signal.  After exhausting all remedies over the phone, I had a technician scheduled to come out.  The appointment was very short; the technician simply told me I had to move my router to another room which I did myself.  At the beginning of the appointment, he'd mentioned I would be charged for any wiring work he had to do, but that was the only mention of any charge (and no wiring work was done).

I've now noticed I'm being billed $99 (in two installments) described on the bill as "Fios TV equipment purchased" as a result of this technician visit.  Just to reiterate, nothing was purchased, repaired, serviced, or replaced - he just had me move the router from one room to another.

This charge cannot be correct, can it?

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It can with Verizon Fios. Call and have them remove it from your invoice PERMENTATELY  so it doesn’t creep up on you again.

make sure you tell them no nothing was purchased. 

If they balk contact your state public service commission or Public Utilities Commission via a google search. They should be able to assist you.

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You will need to contact support:

1800Verizon or twitter @verizonsupport