Black box with URL

We use an STB in the living room and an HD DVR box in the bedroom.  The box we are having issues with is the STB in the living room.  When turning on the TV, a black box appears on the screen over the channel that is currently on.  In the box, a URL appears, but it looks as though someone is currently typing it as it appears.  Tonight we got http://www.accesshollywood.come (yes, the com had an e at the end) ... is this a setting on the box or something?  Very annoying!  Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!

Re: Black box with URL

Sounds like the Closed Captioning may be turned on.

Re: Black box with URL

What model number is the box in the living room. 

It does sound like closed captioning to me too, but it sounds like it is coming from the TV and not the FiOS.

if it's coming from the FiOS then you can do this from the remote by hitting the star key and cycling through CC1, CC2, CC3, CC4, CC5 and CC6 finally selecting OFF

or you can go to menu



closed captions.  and select off

this is only available on the HD cable boxes and DVR receivers

CC is not available on the smaller DCT 700 converter boxes, or the 2500 standard definition motorola boxes at all. 

It sounds like it may be coming from your TV though, so grab the tv remote that came WITH the tv, and see if there is closed caption options in the menu, or even a button that says closed caption (remember this is not the fios controller I am talking about, this is the remote that came with the tv when you purchased it)