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Why did Verizon say they were replacing RFD-TV with Blue Highways?  It seems that this channel is something called Laff- which is movies & old TV shows which have nothing to do with bluegrass music.  The first few weeks it at least had a few shows in the morning with music, now there are none.  If it was going to be this Laff programming why not just say so - don't misrepresent yourselves.  The extra $5.00 off a month is in no way decent compensation for losing RFD-TV!  Not to mention that when we originally changed to FIOS we had the real Blue Highways network but that was dropped a few years ago.  Be upfront about what you are doing!

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Community Leader

They haven't and won't say.

But probably money.

Ratings were reported to be very low for RFD.

And could be that Blue Highways came in cheap.