Box Turns off at Night


I am in the Philadelphia area and experienced a problem with both of my boxes a couple of weeks ago that continues today. This happens while watching multiple channels, not just one, the box shut off into the "Press Menu to Watch Fios TV..." mode. It went off at exactly Midnight, and then 12:05, 12:10, and 12:15. Then the same issue persisted, and it became a more frequent thing. Then the issue spread to both of my boxes, and not just one. Sometimes, it will go right back off when I turn it back on, and will keep happening for like 10 minutes. Can anyone help with this? Do I need a box exchange?

Re: Box Turns off at Night
Community Leader
Community Leader

Hope one of these scenarios leads to your solution.

1) Unplug Set Top Boxes. Wait a few mins. Plug them back in.

Prob solved ?

NO ?  Then try this:

2) Menu>Settings>Set Top Box>Sleep Timer>NEVER

ALSO Power On Channel>Last viewed Channel

NO ?

3) Then try System>Restore Settings

Please let all of us know how YOU solved your problem.