Box continuously to turn on its own

Verizon aware of this problem and still nothing is being done but only disconnect the service. Since I had service for 4 years now and still my box turn on randomly on different times of day or night. But the TV settings for CEC is off and the option auto turn on is off plus other features are all off. I had tried everything from changing boxes. And tech support has no clue how to fix this problem there is not one solution. When I said I tried everything I mean everything. I also had place cameras to record these boxes in action especially in the middle of the night. Even if I unplug the hdmi cord from the box just so the box can stay off still turn on. Plus taking out the batteries out of remote even that's an issue the box will turn again and send a signal to the remote with beeping noise coming from the remote when there is no battery in them strange how a device can work without batteries. Have to put the batteries back in to stop the noise. Now in the 4 years every night I have to unplug the hdmi so I can sleep but now the power cord which now unplug every night this only way to keep the box off now if sometimes I forget to unplug the cords on a good day the box or TV won't turn on but only happens one day after that the same mess as usual. I pay my bills every month and the headache I've been facing over this. I'm been checking with other carriers to see if anyone experiencing the same issues with other services. Hate to say Verizon will never fix this problem and everyone's opinions on the same matter does not work either again I repeat all steps has been performed so please don't reply with steps which I mentioned they all been performed but I appreciate the suggestions.  Alot not being honest about this matter if I'm facing this problem I'm show most others are going through the same thing.

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Re: Box continuously to turn on its own
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Concerning overnight turning on, 4100 mini STBs activate around 2AM (give or take) to look for updates to the Guide and Message Center and other Administrative tasks.

What is happening is that the status LED on the front of the STB does not dim after the STB has completed updating and switched off. This gives the impression that the STB is turned on, but it really is turned off.

I've been seeing this for quite a while, but the situation, for me anyways, has faded into the background at this point.