C-Span HD.... How many years until we see it?
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I find it incredible, actually, appalling would be a better word, that in the 600+ channels that we have on Fios, C-Span HD is not among them.

Considering the huge public interest in politics one would think that not having us watch a stepped down broadcast with a giant black frame around the picture would at least get some attention from the powers that be at Verizon. 

Whether one wants to see a Congressional hearing, one of the many lectures, etc. that C-Span 3 shows, or the House and Senate in session WITHOUT giant chryons or the constant talking heads of cable news networks, C-Span is the place to go.

C-Span HD has been around for years now.  I look through this message board and people have been asking the same **bleep** question for at leave five or six years.

Come on Verizon, get rid of some the junk shopping channels if need be and give us C-Span in HD.   (And while you're at it, NASA TV too!) 

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