CHS 435HDC Ethernet Port

We're in a 100 year old house that limits fishing of wires etc.  The easiest set-up for us was to install a Google Nest Wifi directly from the ONT.  Spent 7 hours with Google and Fios techs trying to bridge the original modem/router combo.  

Everything works BEAUTIFULLY now except our TV doesn't have the channel guide anymore.  Rather than buy a MOCA adapter, I see that there is an ethernet port on the back of the CHS 435HDC?   I plugged an ethernet wire into the set-top box but nothing happened.   Is that port not enabled?   If not, is there another way to get the channel guide without having to bridge the original router/modem? 

I have read that I can run an ethernet cord to the old router/modem and basically turn it into a MOCA adapater/ethernet port.   But the directions on this aren't exactly clear--or are conflicting


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