CISCO STB ERR:62 then stays scanning h.3XX....

Hi everybody...

I have an STB that recently started to behave erratically. It simply does not turn on correctly. I noticed this morning that the screen was showing h3XX where the X's where hex number coming down like scanning sequence.

I unplugged it, replugged it, replaced it with one of the other STB's I have at home and it does not matter where I put it or connect it still does the same thing. However, the other STB works fine on this location which makes me think that the STB is malfunctioning.

Any ideas?

I've l ready tried FIOS support, sent a reset signal and (at the time of this message) am still on the phone waiting on anybody from customer service to answer (it's been 2 hours already and still nothing).

Should I just take the box to a FIOS store to have them check it and provide a replacement?

Don't know what to do and this lack of customer support is unacceptable, especially when FIOS promotes 24 x 7 technical support.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Re: CISCO STB ERR:62 then stays scanning h.3XX....
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Community Leader

Sounds like it is probably done. It might be better to call tomorrow. Now you’ll just get off shore reps and will have long hold times. 

If you can’t wait until tomorrow put your phone on speaker and wait until you get someone.