Cable upstairs.

So when my fiancé bought the house (before we were together) she had Fios put in. They recycled the setup from the previous Comcast owners (coax/holes.) they were able to get to the living room. When it came to going upstairs they said they couldn’t do it through the wall plate (bedroom has 2 wallplates. Pic 1: One next to bed/Pic 2: one next to TV on other side of room) The one next to the bed is a complete line that I can find in the basement and hook to splitter. The one next to TV I CANNOT for the life of me find the other end in the basement. Without running a long cable along baseboards or digging in walls (and rearranging room is not possible. King size bed only fits on 1 wall next to working coax wall plate.) Is there some sort of wireless transmitter  I can attach to the working plate and a receiver to the fios in port on back of cable box? (Don’t want to upgrade to Fios One either

imagePic 1 Working Coax

imagePic 2 non working Coax

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Unfortunately not.

TV signal is via qam. And guide data plus vod are via moca.

Best you might be able to do is put stb near bed and use a wireless transmitter for HDMI to TV.

Or find where the other end of the coax by the TV is. Could be in another room where they had used a splitter to feed it?

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First open up the wall plate and make sure there is even cable behind it. If there is then check up in the attic it might be disconnected up there. If you don't want to do the wireless transmitter like other poster said then you will need to hire an electrician to run an RG6 from the basement.