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Is CableCARD shipping actually this slow?

Recently ordered a CableCARD from Verizon, and originally was told 3 - 5 business days. Well, today is the 5th business day... and the card is a no-show. Just called and was told it will be arriving on Tuesday, February 7th. For $25, I was expecting shipping that doesn't take 2 weeks for a credit card-sized device. Mainly disappointed that we have yet to get any cable networks, only locals over clear-QAM, even though we added Fios TV to our plan 3 weeks ago.

As I mentioned earlier is this abnormal? Our cable installation process with Fios has been rough and this is the last thing we need. Was supposed to have it on and working 2 weeks ago, but alas we wait. Thankfully, customer service has been good with our issues, mainly account and equipment issues slowing down the process.

Any info would be appreciated!


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