CableCard issue: "Subscription Required" ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable tuner card

I am getting the dreaded "Subscription Required" message in WMC with Verizon FIOS on all encrypted channels.  Unencrypted channels work fine.  I live near Philadelphia, PA.  Here are all of my troubleshooting steps performed so far:

1. Verified that my machine was "Digital Cable Ready" with the WMC "Digital Cable Advisor".  Also, my video card is HDCP compliant.

2. Installed a ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable tuner card in my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 desktop. (both lights are green on the tuner card)

3. Ordered a CableCard from Verizon.

4. Installed the "M" Motorola CableCard in my machine and went through the WMC setup.  At the time the WMC setup wizard said to activate the CableCard, I did so with the "Verizon In-Home Agent" software.  After about 25 minutes, it said that it was successfully activated.  I can now watch unencrypted HD and SD channels.  Without the CableCard, this is not possible.  Any channels like TBS or ESPN do not work (subscription required message is displayed).

5. Called Verizon and worked with many different techs.  They activated and deactivated the card probably 5 times.

6. Verizon replaced the CableCard... apparently the first one was defective 🙂

7. Had a Verizon tech come out today.  He replaced a splitter and got the SNR to -8.5 at my PC.

8. The tech then deactivated and activated the card.  After no luck, the tech called his manager who said that the Ceton Infinitv card is the ONLY compatible card on the market that will work with FIOS.  The tech called several others at Verizon, and Googled "CableCards" on my computer, etc... finally, the tech had nothing else to say or do to help, so he left.

9. I had Verizon refund me $150 for the hassle.

10. I installed and ran the "Digital Cable Tuner Diagnostics" utility on my machine.  Below, you will see the output.

Does anyone have any other steps I can take to get this working?

Has anyone else had similar experiences that resulted in success?


Re: CableCard issue: "Subscription Required" ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable tuner card
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This time last year Verizon has changed the way the television signal is sent to the home to Simulcrypt. Simulcrypt provides the ability to deliver FiOS TV to customers homes using either a Motorola and/or Cisco STBs . The change was required when we introduced the Cisco line of STB's into certain areas. Some CableCARD/TV sets (those who have not updated firmware to be functional on simulcrypt) will lose the ability to decrypt and no longer view channels encrypted channels. Customers who are utilizing a CableCARD with an ATI PC Tuner cannot decrypt and will lose the ability to view channels above 49. You can check the ATI website to see if they have changed their mind or not in releasing new firmware to make it work on simulcrypt, but you are likely out of luck. I do apologize for the inconvenience this causes.