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Every time I call tech support, it automatically runs a test on my box, which always takes a ton of time, and doesnt seem to work and never gives me feedback on the test. Also, finally I get a tech, and then give my account number and they can never find me account, saying I was "deleted".  Apparantly my name is also spelled wrong, instead of Brian, it's spelled Brain. For some reason this makes it difficult to bring up my account according to verizon, even though I am using the numbers. I opened up a ticket for this issue, only to have the problem occur again. I also call every month because the spanish channel gets added on my bill for no reason, despite multiple tickets for that.  I send verizon a few hundred bucks a month, but it takes more than that for me to maintain the service with all the problem I have with billing, channels being added. My latest incident when I got an email about being able to use an External Hardrive finally with my tiny DVD 160G hard drive that records all of about 5 or 6 HD shows. I ran out to buy it, now it sits like a brick on top of my DVD not working because Verizon has not updated my box yet. I spend hours trying to figure out why it was not working, some techs said my DVR was the latest model, I call back and they tell me the opposite story, that I need to upgrade my DVR. Then they tell me to call Sales for a New DVR, Sales tells me to call tech support. Again, Tech support tells me to call Sales, and tell them that I need to upgrade the DVR. I started making phonecalls and spend hours on the phone, during that time the system went down, and they could not help me. I got a call hours later when the system was back up. It's just too much for me to take anymore, I can't believe I pay for this aggravation.

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Re: Calling Tech Support
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I've had your post copied to an employee monitored board, where a Verizon representative can assist you.  You will be contacted by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account as soon as possible.