Can I find TV model # thru Fios remote?

Hi, lost my TV remote so using Fios remote for everything. Need TV model # but don’t want to have to take TV off wall to find sticker (62” heavy) so I’m wondering if there is a menu item I can access thru Fios remote that will give me TV model #.  Thank you. 

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Probably not. FiOS remote only controls basic TV functions.

Does TV have buttons on it to access menu functions?

They typically do. Try that.


Doubtful a remote from Verizon will give you the model number for your tv.

sometimes a certain brand of tv like Sony or Samsung or Hisence will have a web portal where you can view different models. You may be surprised that remotes are often the same. In fact many electronic stores sell smart remotes.

you buy one for as low as $15 and bring it home, follow the directions to the letter as to programming the remote. It can be done manually or through automatic detection.

then you are all set.

another trick you can do in the future is before you put the huge tv on the wall is to take photos of the back that shows the model and make and manufacturer date and serial number. I do this all the time when we buy a new tv. Saves you from that take it down situation.

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Fios probably has no place you can see such info.

If you can get the remote to pull up some of the TV's menu's you might be able get some info.