Can I set up my Fios router in a different room from the TV box?

Currently the only way I can get my fios TV to work is if I have the following:

Wall coax cable > verizon splitter >

> one out coax cable to router (plugged into wall ethernet as well) and

> other out coax cable to fios tv

I would like to have my router placed in another location, either another room with ethernet and coax cable or hidden with current ONT box.  However whenever i unplug the router coax from the coax cable splitter, the tv does not detect coax.

Any suggestions?

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Community Leader

Is there any way you can run coax from the splitter to the Fios Router? In order for the system to work, ethernet goes from the ONT to the router. Coax goes from the ONT to a splitter, then from splitter to the router, and another line from the splitter to your STB. You can put the splitter anywhere its convenient,  as long as its fed from the ONT, and feeds the router and STB. This might help too: