Can Not Use LAST Button to go Back to DVR Recording
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My LAST button works fine from chanell to channel.  I can be watching a DVR recording, and the box will go back to the live channel I was watcing when I hit LAST.  If the LASt button is pressed again, it does NOT go back to DVR.  I know with Comcast, the LAST button would go back and forth from live to DVR recordings.

Anyone found a work around for this?  We be nice to go back and forth from DVR to live TV with just using the LAST button.

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Correct, it does not work that way, you have to go back into the DVR menu.
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@matcarl wrote:
Correct, it does not work that way, you have to go back into the DVR menu.

Which is a real pain!  It requires several more button pushes to get back to the recorded program.  You have to hit DVR.  That brings you to Recorded Programs.  Then Right Arrow over to the Program Listings.  Then scroll down to the wanted recorded program.  If you have more than one episode of the program recorded, you have to hit Enter.  Then scroll to the wanted episode.  Then hit enter. Then select Resume Play (or Start from beginning) and then hit enter again.  That's a minimum of 5 button pushes (single recorded episode) to get back to a recorded program (it's usually 7 with multi-recorded episodes).  Not very "user friendly."Smiley Mad

Seems like another "feature" to add to the "Wish List" that's in another thread on this forum.Smiley Very Happy

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This is one of the few things I miss from Comcast.  Monday nights I'll be watching 24 and recording Raw.  I would always switch over to wrestling during the commercials on 24.  A previous easy button press now requires navigating menus.