Can no longer manage DVR via website

I recently upgraded to Fios TV One.  When I go the the Verizon website and go to the "Manage My DVR" page, it tells me that my DVR may be offline and doesn't list any of my content.  This used to work fine with my old DVR/router.  Under the "TV Equipment Manager" heading, it shows my three STBs, so it can see that my devices are connected.

There is now a menu in the upper right corner of the page that lists two DVRs with the same (correct) name, but I get the same response regardless of which one I pick.  Maybe the website somehow knows about and wants to give me the option to access the old DVR, even though it's no longer connected.  The fact that there are two entries in the menu suggests it is also recognizing the new DVR, but when I select it, it doesn't work.  Please tell me how to fix this.

Note that this DOES work in my iPad's Fios TV app.  It has the same issue in showing me a menu with two DVRs, but one of them has a question mark next to it, and when I pick the other one, it shows me my DVR content (and I can watch it as well as manage it).  So the DVR is visible and accessible on the network through the router.  Why can't the website see it?