Can't get to complete VOD Movie Preview Wording

From time to time I like to go to the On-demand section and look through the movies.  I actually read the previews and/or the skinny on what the movie is about.  But usually the skinnys are more than the screen can handle and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to get read the whole thing.  I've pressed Info, Options, all the little color buttons on the bottom of the remote but nothing seems to work!! So frustrating.

How do I simply get to see the rest of the movie preview wording?! Someone, took the time to write it..why can't I read it all? And if I can, how do I get to it?

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Re: Can't get to complete VOD Movie Preview Wording
Community Leader
Community Leader

What. Model stb do you have?

Is it when you select the movie itself or just when scrolling through the list of movies?