Can’t use apps on smartv or Firestick, error: Http/1.1 service unavailable

I’ve had Verizon for almost 2 years now and whenever I try to log into an app on my tv or through my firestick, such as vh1, I receive the following error: Http/1.1 service unavailable.  I have talked to a tech with Verizon for over a week almost two years ago and he couldn’t solve the problem (he actually told me it was discovery channel with the issue, not Verizon) and now I’m in a situation where NONE of the apps will let me login (but if I use Comcast, it works perfectly fine).  I’ve tried everything including deleting, reinstalling, clearing cache and data...NOTHING WORKS.  Has anyone found a solution to this?  Thankfully I only have a few months left and I plan to switch providers ASAP.

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