Can't view channels on computer

I recently subscribed to the custom tv package action and entertainment, hoping to be able to stream on the computers in my house.

I sign onto fios and access live tv and multiple channels i'm subscribed to ask what service i use, i select fios and log in. On all of them they say i need to subscribe to a package with the channel available.

However on the mobile app i can see all the channels just fine. I contacted tech aupport and they said I have an "order" in process, so i may need to wait till it ia complete but it's just the mini converter box for a tv.

Anyone else have this issue? How did it Get resolved?

Re: Can't view channels on computer
Community Leader
Community Leader

They never released a app for the computer.  You can view some channels from the Contant provider sites (sometimes requiring a login using your verizon id and password).

A few people have gotten the APPS to working using emenulators for the Andoid/IOS apps, but most emulators do not include the necessary support.