Cannot view recorded content on DVR from PPV

If like me, you used to order PPV events for later viewing from your DVR, please note, this ability has been removed and, just like anything else, the customer is never notified. It did not bother me that the UFC fight was at the same time we were to be at a wedding. We ordered the fight and scheduled the DVR to record it as well. To our astonishment, when it came time to view the fight, we were not able to. The content records fine, it is just not viewable.

We called Technical Support, and after 1 1/2 hours of troubleshooting, we were transferred to customer service. A rather rude customer service representative came on the phone and declared "of course" PPV content wouldn't play on your DVR! Of course? Why wouldn't your technical support know of this if it was such common knowledge? Where in the process of recording is the customer informed? Would have been helpful if the recording itself we blocked. We asked to either be reimbursed or resent the content - both requests were rejected. So, not only did we shell out $69 for a ffight, but we could not, and will never be able to consume it.

Sharing this in case anyone is considering doing the same.


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