Change TV plan but keep same internet

I have bundled FIOS TV and internet (Prime HD and 25/25, no phone) and would like to upgrade my TV but keep the same internet.  Is that possible?  In the upgrade center I'm not offered this option; I can keep the same TV plan and go up or down on my internet speed, but I can't change my TV plan and keep the same internet speed.

Is this on purpose or is it some kind of site glitch? Why can't I do this?

Re: Change TV plan but keep same internet
Master - Level 3

I am sorry, but Verizon no longer offers the 25/25 plan. We will still honor it as you currently have it and you will keep the 25/25 speeds as long as you don't make changes. If you do want to modify your bundle plan, you would have to change it to whatever bundle plans we currently offer.