Change in programming

I'd like to know how much money FOX paid you to dump Speed Channel in favor of their crappy Fox Sports Network (Channel 83 in the LA market).  I watched Speed Channel all the time, but you boneheads decided that FSN was better for some reason.  FSN stinks.  I want Speed Channel back and I want it back NOW!!!

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They paid nothing.  FOX (who owned Speed Channel) did the dumping not Verizon.  They replaced Speed with FOX Sports1 and there is noithing Verizon can do to make a now non-existent channel magically appear in their lineup.

If you want to rant at someone, try ranting at FOX (and Rupert).

Re: Change in programming
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This is a peer-to-peer forum.  It seems you've addressed your post to Verizon?  That said, your premise is off.  Fox owned Speed channel and they shut it down.  See this informastion.  Complain to Fox, not Verizon.

Edit:  I apparently posted this at the same time Keyboards posted.  I was not intending to be redundant.