Channel 1484 Blacked Out
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Channel 1484 of the MLB Extra Innings package is being blacked out for me. I live in Northern Virginia. The only teams games to be blacked out are the Nationals and Orioles. This has been happening at least since Sunday. I tried to watch the Reds/ Brewers game Sunday but the chanel said it was blacked out in my market. Then last night I went to watch the Padres/Rays game on that same channel and it said the same thing once again. I called customer service but they were no help. They did check things out and said it was an MLB issue and nothing could be done. That may be but shouldn't Verizon be in contact with them to get this corrected? Also to "appease" me they said it was occurinng in other areas of the country. That doesn't make me feel any better BTW. I can't believe Verizon cannot do anything about this. It is only occuring on this channel, 1484 and no other one. I checked again this morning and the black out banner was still on.  I guess I can live without it but still I am paying for ALL of the channels.Is this happening to anyone else?

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