Channel 246 (rhode island) FamilyNet is now the Cowboy channel!

As of July 1st FamilyNet has now become The Cowboy Channel.

I have nothing against cowboys but I'm not really happy about seeing this channel go from classic sitcoms etc. to a channel dedicated to cowboys. I don't expect that that a lot of Verizon customers in the northeast will be tuning in either.

I know this was part of a package that I was paying an extra $10 per month to get. 

So I guess I will need to call to get my monthly bill adjusted.

What is Verizon planning on doing?  I realize we have MeTV but it would be nice to add something new.  How about AntennaTV?  That would be a perfect replacement for the now defunct FamilyNet.

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Verizon is not going to do anything, it was the channel owners that made the switch. AntennaTV is a digital subchannel so unless one of your local stations is offering it Verizon can't carry it.