Channel 4 frozen on 1 TV

Channel 4 (NBC) is frozen on only 1 of my TVs.  I have powered down the DVR and restarted, unplugged the DVR, waited then plugged it back in.  I deleted the show from my DVR that was recording when it froze (Seth Myers).  Any more ideas?  I think it's the DVR, since I noticed that there were times when I was playing back a show that there were gaps in the sound and sometimes video.  Then it would resume after it got beyond a certain spot on the recording. 

What can I do with this?  I like to watch NBC news in the morning and evening, and I can't do that in my family room anymore.  TIA!

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Community Leader
Community Leader

Swap DVR with another box.

If it still freezes, its the box.

If the swapped STB freezes, it is a problem with the coax or splitter.