Channel guide differences prints incomplete list
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In reviewing the differences between Prime HD and Ultimate HD, I am presented with a web page. One display topion is the show the differences between the two packages.

Printing the differences between the packages prints only what is displayed on the screen. not the complete list of differences between the packages as it should do.

The 'Print' button provided on the web page should print out the entire list, not just what's displayed. This is totally lame; it's no better that a print-screen of the page. How disappointed I am with this lousy feature where I can't even print out the difference between the packages.

The page I am referring to is
Re: Channel guide differences prints incomplete list
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Hello Merthiolate,

Yes, you are correct the print button on the java script page will only print the viewable screen.  I am sorry you are disappointed with the functionality of the page.  Some users do not prefer to print the whole listing while other do.  A work around if you would like the entire listing to be printed you can press Ctrl-A > Ctrl-C > open a word document program > Ctrl-V to paste it and you can print any or all of it as you desire.

Thank you