Channel lineup in Delaware

Would it be possible to add Baltimore network affiliates to the channel lineup in Delaware?  Many of us in Delaware are Ravens' fans and do not like the NFL games chosen for broadcast by the network affiliates in Philadelphia.  Everywhere else I've lived, the cable provider had network affiliates from the TWO closest major cities, not just the closest one.

I'd also like to have the Weather Channel give weather for a Delaware location, not for Philadelphia.  When I first subscribed to FiOS, I was told that was coming soon, but it's been years and it still hasn't happened.  On Comcast, the Weather Channel gives weather for Delaware, not for Philadelpha.

In short, I want you to stop treating Delaware like it's part of Philadelphia.

Re: Channel lineup in Delaware
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TV providers can only provide locals for your local market.  Sometimes, cable can provide out of market stations marked as "significantly viewed" for your area.  I doubt that Baltimore locals would be deemed as significantly viewed in Delaware.