Channel(s) Request

I know Verizon is always working on adding HD channels, but I'd like to officially request the following channls in HD. I have listed them in order of which ones I'd like the most. I hope they are already in the works and will be arriving to our programming soon! Also, I have yet to see one person that wants the .TV stations in HD (which is probably why no other carrier offers them). If you get rid of those you could easily add 3 or 4 new HD channels that people actually want to watch! 

  • DIY HD
  • Reelz HD
  • GSN HD
  • H2 HD
  • Crime Scene Investigation HD
  • Logo HD
Re: Channel(s) Request
Specialist - Level 3

The unfortunate reality of this is that Verizon is NOT working hard to add new HD. Also, Verizon could NOT care less what it's customers want. That is why the last HD additions have been One America HD, M(oron)TV2, TV Land (which has to be a joke considering they show NOTHING in HD) among others, channels that NOBODY could care less about and that the .tv channels still exist.

Verizon used to be leader of the pack when it came to HD offerings, now they are just an also-ran and really do not care.

The fact that they are the ONLY and I do mean ONLY larger Cable provider that does not carry H2 in HD is a total joke and just more proof they do not care.