Charge for Unreturned Equipment
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Here we go again. I have a customer-owned cable modem.  Verizon keeps bugging me to return this equipment. 

I ask the customer service rep why I should return it if I own it?

The robot just tells me that I need to return the equipment. Otherwise, I will be charged $100. 

Did I forget to mention that I own this equipment and it does not belong to Verizon.

Half and hour later, it tells me that I will be charged $100 for unreturned equipment and I can come back to them to get the charge reversed. 

Does Verizon have any respect for my time?  They have no problem charging me for moving my cell phone service over to them. 

This is the second time this has happened and I've been a customer since 2017.  Last time, I had to open a BBB complaint to get this resolved. 

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What is the make & model of the router and where was it purchased from? 🤔