Choose what you want.
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I am close to 64 years of age and there are so many channels I never watch.

Fios seems to sell "packages" or promotions that run for a limited period of time.

Would it ever be doable for us to pick and choose what we really want to watch?

I was getting some of the paid channels primarily for my son, since I watch mainly the older movies on TCM.

I watch a total of maybe 10 cable channels and my local channels.

Is picking and choosing a good idea as long as we are paying for what we choose to watch?

I don't need 800 channels if I only watch a dozen or so.

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Community Leader

What you are asking for is called a la carte programming.
problem is that the the channels are owned by a small group of companies.

The contracts they have with companies like Verizon state that they have to pay for a group of channels if they want the popular ones.

So therefore, Verizon has to pay for them and they pass the costs on to us.

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very good answer.  I did not know this. something new you learn every day.  Knowledge is POWER!!!