Choppy VOD Still.

I have enjoyed my fios for years but when I watch VOD movies I get starts and stops which are disruptive. I have taken a stepwise approach to solve the problem.

I run the standard actiontec router, quantaum dvr ,  25/25 speed

1) Had router replaced.-- no change

2) Upgraded ont from b- pon  to g- pon-- much improved but still glitchy VOD

3) Had all internal coax  lines and connectors checked - all within spec. Moved DVR boxes coax  cables to 1st  new splitter.-- still glitchy VOD

Last tech suggested that I should run an ethernet cable from ONT to Router.  

Would this likely make a difference to VOD?

Would it function automatically or would verizon have to switch it on. (I have already run a cat 6 just in case, it is standing by)

Would upgrading my internet speed make a VOD dfifference? I really don't want o pay more. Would this increase VOD performance ?

Would upgrading to a quantum router make a difference. It is my understanding that this new box offers more wifi frequencies, but does not improve ethernet speed?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks

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Community Leader

How were cables checked?

What model STB do you have?

Running ethernet would only help if you had a cable issue between ont and router.

Yes, Verizon would need to be involved to reprovision Internet from coax to ethernet