Cisco DVR and RCA RT2906

I just recently got Fios TV and when the installer went to connect the Cisco DVR to my 5.1 HDMI RCA RT2906 home theatre it doesn't recognize the signal. I had Dish and it connected via HDMI with no issue. I know the HDMI port works cause I added Xbox and Blu Ray Player and it played fine. So we connected the Cisco directly to HDMI 2 on the TV and now run cables to the home theatre for sound. Has anyone else experienced this? Any work arounds so I can have all my products running to HDMI 1 on my 60 inch LG? I don't want to go get another home theatre but I want it connected through my HDMI system like everything is. Any insight or assistance will be appreciated.

Re: Cisco DVR and RCA RT2906
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We can look into this for you. I sent you a private message to get started.

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