Clear QAM HD local channels - Providence
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I am getting rid of STBs and getting local channels through FiOS.

The Samsung smart TV was able to scan all channels and everything works fine for that TV.

The older Seiko TV doesn't have a QAM tuner. I purchased an Aluratek ADTB01F external tuner. A first auto scan registered 400 channels, most of them scrambled and none of them HD.

I read that those tuners have a 400 channels limit and fill up before hitting the higher channels. I factory reset the device and manually scanned channels 71-75 (as recommended in another post). I'm getting a few channels in but none of them HD.

So my question is: where are those local HD channels hiding?

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Partial solution: I did not go far enough.

I found some HD channels at 76 and 77. I identified them to the best of my ability. Somehow more Boston stations than Providence stations.

76-3100  -  WGBH 2 PBS BOSTON

76-3101  -  WSBK 38 myTV Boston 

76-3110  -  WNAC 56 CW 

76-3115  -  WGBX 44 PBS

76-3118  -  WSBE 36 R.I. PBS

76-3119  -  WLVI 56 CW Providence 

76-3123  -  my RI TV 38

76-3124  -  WBPX 68 ion TV

77-3103  -  WCVB 5 ABC Boston 

77-3105  -  WHDH 7 Boston 

77-3117  -  WLNE 6 ABC Providence 

77-1080  -  WFXT 25 Fox Boston 

The search is still on for WJAR and WPRI.