Clipped edges in FIOS TV Picture


I have a FIOS HD set-top box (It's labelled "Verizon" no the front, and a Panasonic Veria TH-42PZ77U flat screen. The manual says it's HD ready, and  it has HDMI, S-Video, Component, and Composite connections on the back. WHen I'm watching SD TV it clips about 3-4% on each side of the picture. It does this (or more) on every aspect ratio I try.

Anybody know a fix for this?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Clipped edges in FIOS TV Picture
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First make sure your TV is connected with HDMI or Component cables to the STB since these are the HD cables. Next on the STB go to the Menu-Settings-Audio & Video-Video Settings. Video Format should be 1080i 16:9. SD overide set to stretch. TV type is 16:9. Graphic Settings should be HD. Lstly on your TV you need to adjust your aspect ratio to 16:9 and adjust your picture size to whatever setting fills your screen. If you still have a problem most TV have a manual setting to adjust the viewable screen area.